Issue of I2C communication with PCA9615

I am using PCA9615 for I2c communication. I connected the GND VDDA SDA and SCL to my MCU and sensor, yet it didn’t work. !
The way I connected it is shown in the picture below. What should I do make it functional?

Hi Chun,

I’ll need a bit more information about your setup:
How long are your cables?
What Micro controller are you using?
What code are you using?
What voltage is going into the PCA9615?
How is everything wired up? (please include a wiring diagram)
What are you communicating with?
What type of Ethernet cord are you using?

Thanks! Looking forward to helping once I get a bit more info!

Hi Stephen,

I fixed the problem. It’s because I didn’t set the proper baud rate. Now everything is functional.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hi ChuYi,

I’m glad it was something simple! There are a lot of elements to these and I was worried it would take a while to identify!