Jetson Nano cooling requirements and solar setup


I’m wanting to use a jetson nano in a IP67 sealed water proof enclosure that will be in outdoors

  1. does the jetson nano require active cooling?
  2. what solar and battery setup would you recommend?

Hi Sam,

The Jetson Nano comes with a heatsink and doesn’t usually require active cooling, but if it’s in a sealed enclosure it might well need it. You will need to provide a heat conduction path out of the enclosure somehow.

As for solar powering, it depends how much you’re running from it - and how often it’s running. If you need it to run 24/7 you’re going to need some decent batteries, solar panels, and charging electronics. If you’re just powering it intermittently you can get away with a lot less - what’s your duty cycle like?

But FYI, I’d suggest taking a look at this: