JST-XH wire-to-wire connectors


Do you sell JST-XH 3-pin (2.5mm) male and female plug/socket for making up wire-to-wire connections (custom length battery balance extension cables) with appropriate crimp pins? I do not want/need to purchase a kit of parts I’ll never use. I just need the w-2-w plugs, sockets and crimp pins.

I can only find either made up lengths of cables – not what I want, or female header sockets for PCB applications.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Chris,

We have a cable that may be suitable for you, however, at the moment it’s out of stock.

That being said, depending on the particular standards in your projects you may be able to get away with putting that together using the various JST XHP connections and appropriate crimp pins. Do you have some photos of what you’d be after?

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I think you may have missed what I’m after. I have the cable/wire, what I need are the male and female connectors/crimping pins for a wire-to-wire arrangement (NOT wire-to-board) – I want to make an 80cm battery charger balance cable….as one piece rather than a daisy-chain. I have a wire crimper.

I’m aware one can buy a cable with a plug at one end, and allowing the user fit to a board as they need. But, this is not what I’m looking for.

I do hope you can help.



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Hey Chris,

Unfortunately I believe the only JST-XH connectors we have come in that kit Bryce mentioned, I’m a little unsure of what it is you’re after still too, that kit should let you make your own JST-XH cables provided you have the wire and crimping tools.

If this isn’t what you’re after, shoot through some pictures or even links if you’ve seen something similar elsewhere.

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That kit includes only female crimp pins. There are no in-line headers for the male crimp pins - only pre-assembled PCB headers.


Hi Jeff,

Excellent question, you can take a really deep dive into connectors!!

I took a look around at some other sites and I couldn’t find much regarding a male crimp connection.
This lead me to the JST website where they shed some light on the intent of each of the connector types.

Here’s a link to the XH. Which I wasn’t able to track down in the wire-wire connector section of their site.
It might be worth looking into another connector such as the widely used JST-SM for lower current projects.



Hi all
If this is a fixed installation what is wrong with solder and some small heat shrink. Or heat shrink solder sleeves. These are a small piece of clear heat shrink with a ring of eutectic (low melting point) solder inside. The 2 wires are inserted, one from each side, and the sleeve positioned so the solder ring is where the bared wires are. Heat with a hot air gun and the solder melts as the heat shrink reduces thus making and sealing the join in one operation.Works best with an attachment to “wrap” the hot air around the job.
Cheers Bob


I spent a couple of hours today looking for the same thing, and this post was high on my google results so I thought I would post here to help others in the future.

I don’t understand why this isn’t a more common request, lots of things come with JST XH plugs and sockets and a convenient thing to do is make an extension cable of the desired length. I do understand it was never the intented purpose by JST for this connector system.

Anyway, I found two solutions, this reasonably priced kit on AliExpress:

and this wholesale Alibaba type site, which may be of more interest to someone like Core Electronics?

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