Kitronik Compact 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit (CE07359)

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For the Kitronik Compact 16 Servo Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit, is the output voltage 5V? I am trying to connect 2 servos as well as an ultrasonic sensor onto this driver board and an output of anything less than 4.5v would not be enough.


Hey Uyen,

Thanks for posting!

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, appears that this message got lost in the mix of posts. The Micro:Bit has a logic level of around 3V, for your 5V sensors and similar devices, you’ll need to throw on some logic level converters to be able to step the voltage up to the required value.

The board we manufacture here should do the trick:

If there’s anything else that we can help you with please let me know. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Hi Uyen,

Slight correction on that info - Bryce answers a heck of alot of forum posts so may have just misread your question!

The output voltage of the Servo Driver Board is selectable by you. Whatever voltage you supply through the terminal block (between 3v-12v) is what will be supplied to the servos :slight_smile: Note there is a max of 10A total current for all servos.

Bryce’s answer wasnt wrong but for this driver board the logic level converter isn’t required. There is a regulator on board to lower the voltage to 3v for the micro bit.

Regarding the Ultrasonic sensors - this board is a servo motor driver board so will not take any input from Ultrasonic sensors, I would suggest that connecting them may damage the sensors. Here are some resources for getting an Ultrasonic Sensor to the Micro Bit: