Kitronik ZIP Halo HD for micro:bit - only 12 of the 60 LEDs light up

My son has just received a Kitronik ZIP Halo HD for micro:bit.

When he first ran the sample code all 60 LEDs in the ring worked. He did a few simple things like changing the colours in response to button presses, but now only the first 12 of 60 LED light up.

When the Zip Halo HD is first turned on a few of the LED around the ring briefly flash green, but when the program runs only the first 12 LEDs illuminate regardless of what colour is set.

I’ve done basic trouble shooting like re-flashing the micro:bit with the sample code, testing different colours, disconnecting and reconnecting everything, using different power supplies, and checking that the micro:bit has the latest firmware (0249).

Can anyone suggest further trouble shooting steps? Does this sound like a hardware issue (e.g. bad contact/trace/joint)?

Hey Lorant,

We’re sorry to hear you’re running into some issues with this one.

You mentioned you ran some sample code already and had all 60 LED’s working as expected, if possible, are you able to send through the code you’ve used for this one? (either just a picture of the makecode or a copy of the script you have used would be great!)

You mentioned different power supplies, just to confirm did you mean replacing the batteries in the back of the module? Just having a look at the datasheet for that one, it looks like the 60 LED’s pull around 0.9A, from memory the micro:bit can only supply 90mA from it’s onboard Vout pins.

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