Lattepanda 2g/32g


Would you have any ideas on how to run a Lattepanda on LIPO, I have used a MP2636 with a 18650 2600mah the red light goes off and the lattepanda splash screen comes on but then it shuts down any ideas?


How much current does the Latte Panda draw while booting? Something in the order of 2A. How much can current can an 18650 battery supply? I don’t think it’s capable of that.

Try connecting 2 or 3 of the 18650 batteries in parallel, and power the Panda from that. Make sure the batteries are in a similar charge state beforehand.

Let us know if this helps.

Thanks I think I will get a 10000 or 20000mah power bank that can provide 3A I don’t need to run it for more than 2 hours so this should be enough