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Powering LattePanda

Just wondering if it was possible to power the arduino without booting Windows?


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Hi Sam,

I’ll double check for you, but I’m fairly sure you can. With the LattePanda you have to hold the power button in after connecting power to power up the computer, but power may already be connected to the arduino chip. Perhaps write a simple blink program for the Arduino, upload it, the shutdown and reconnect power to test.

Hey Sam,

Sorry for the delayed response. I wrote a quick sketch to blink the on-board LED. After shutting the Panda down, disconnecting power, and reconnecting it, the board did it’s usual initialize thing, and so after approx 5-10 seconds the LED began blinking, running the program. So yep, it runs on power up.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for the reply. Do you know if there’s any way to wire an external button or is the power button on the board the only option?


Hi Sam,

It would be possible to, if you’re comfortable soldering to pre-mounted SMD components.