LCD & Potentiometer Connection Hardware question

I have an Uno board and Adafruit shield (ADA 1438) connected and a stepper motor ( ADA 324) wired in with a 9 volt power supply. So far so good.
I also have an LCD screen (DFR 0557/ 1602 module) and a small potentiometer (COM 09806).
What would be the most direct and simplest way to connect these two and what exact hardware would I need?
Thankyou, any help would be greatly appreciated
The project is a “Barn Door Star Tracker”

Hello John,

Welcome to our forum! I’d recommend going through this tutorial/workshop if you’re a beginner using Arduino, it will teach you from scratch how to use the microcontroller to perform all kinds of projects such as that which you’re describing. (Also, my simplest description would be 9V to the Vin and GND, Pot between 3.3V or 5V and an analogue input, the motor to the screw terminals on your shield, and the LCD screen to the pins listed in its datasheet)

As for your board, an Arduino Uno R3 would be the best pick in this case. Please let us know if you require any further assistance!

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