Led Detector with transistor output

I am looking for a product that can detect when an LED Flashes and provide a transistor output for my logger to detect. its to be pasted on the front of an electricity meter, and detect when ever the LED Flashes (normally every 100Wh)


Hey Henk,

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I’d take a look at just a simple LDR like this one.

This video is a great example of how to get them up and running with a transistor to switch something on/send a signal.

Hope this helps!


Hi Henk
How bright is the flashing LED and what colour. I was thinking of a photo transistor but ambient light may be a problem. This may be a problem whatever you use as I assume the flashing LED is behind a glass door and a distance from the glass. You don’t want the set up to register every time someone opens the meter box door. To get a device that responds to the LED colour only would be best. Maybe an RGB sensor may be the go and choose the output which matches the LED colour or gives an output disregarding ambient light.
Cheers Bob