LED disk/circle

I have a project where I want to create a disk/circle of LED’s.
I plan for it to be about the size of a CD, and should have around 5 to 7 rings of LED’s.
Would the best option be to get an LED strip, how flexible are they when trying to turn a corner or make a circle?

Does anyone know of something like the GlowBit Matrix, that comes in a circle?


There are the NeoPixel rings Adafruit NeoPixel - Addressable - LEDs - Components & Parts Australia but that’d get expensive pretty fast. The strips would be easy, but I don’t think they’d lay flat and curve. This might be an option Fairy Lights - Addressable RGB (5m) | Sparkfun PRT-16792 | Core Electronics Australia

Also, depending on your soldering ability you could get the SMD LEDs or the throughhole LEDs and some perf board.


Hi Chris,

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I think @Doug27394 has the right idea with using rings over bending strips.
We do also carry some ws2812 wings that aren’t branded as NeoPixels but use the same chips that are a bit cheaper.