Neopixel Ring 24

Hi guys I need help on my project
I’m looking to use the neopixel ring as a sequential turn light in my car I just need help with writing code im using arduino uno and 2x 24 neopixel ring

I need them to stay white but when signal is on I need them to either blink or run in circle

This is just for show perhaps
Thanks in advance

Hi Krishnil,

I’d recommend checking out our WS2812 Quickstart guide for Arduino:

There’s also ones for Raspberry pi and Particle too. You’re going to want to get something basic working, and then we can move on to designing your own animations.

And don’t forget to read up on the Australian Design Rules for indicators:

There are requirements on colour, position, brightness, frequency, duty cycle, angle of light output and quite a few more! Driving around with non-compliant lighting will land you a defect notice at the least! You’ll be amazed how much goes into the design of the humble indicator in order to make them safe, visible, and universally understood.

You can read up on the full ADRs here:

Support | Core Electronics