Lighting Control Using Capacitive Proximity Sensor

I want to make a ‘backlit’ style mirror by fixing lighting strips behind a 6mm toughened mirror panel activated by a touch sensor.

I figure the best sensor will be the SEN0447 Capacitive sensor.

Besides the lighting, what else would I need to get this going?

I appreciate any help given

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Hi Will,

I’d recommend Adafruit’s touch toggle switch for this, not sure how well it’ll work through/across glass though:

Adafruit have a guide on wiring one up, but we don’t supply the relay box they are using, you’d likely use something like this on your DC power for your strips instead:


Thanks for the advice! So that relay power would power the sensor and switch? I’d just need to solder and house it?

Hi Will,

Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

Which relay power are you referring to? I believe what James was referencing was to follow the Adafruit guide and components to a similar effect for your project, unfortunately the Powerswitch Tail II was retired and doesn’t have a direct replacement:

Other than the lighting, you’ll likely need a relay system, possibly with a microcontroller depending on which relay/s you’re using, and connect this to your capacitive touch sensor so that you can switch the power to your LEDs on and off.

In my opinion, I’d suggest going with some WS2812Bs on an LED strip, an appropriate driver board, and a microcontroller of your preference such as a Uno or Pico which you can hook up to the driver and sensor to control the LEDs.

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