Lipo Battery Connection for Adalogger 32U4


I was wondering, how I can power the Adalogger 32u4 from a lipo battery using a DPDT slide switch? I want to use the slide switch to turn the Adalogger on/off.

I tried connecting the DPDT slide switch to GND and the EN(able) pins - this worked for turning a simple LED light on/off but it does not initialise and run the IDE sketch/code.

I have tried to connect the DPDT slide switch to GND and to the BAT pin - which failed to power the 32u4 off the Lipo battery.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Kieu,

Welcome to the forum! I’m a little confused about how everything is wired together. So I can help you out properly, I’ll just need a bit of additional information (debugging by proxy can be tough). Could you please post a clear top down view of the circuit/project. To avoid needing multiple pictures, we’ve found the best way forward is to prepare your images using one of the three following tools:
a. Fritzing – A easy to use, Open Source tool (Free Download required - )
b. TinkerCad Circuits – Another free & easy to use tool, but this one is browser based and requires a login ( )
c.Draw a simple block diagram of what your circuit should do, alongside a picture of a top down shot of your circuits (Pen, Paper and Camera Required)


Hi Stephen,

Thanks for responding. I have figured it out. The wiring of the hardware was correct (slide switch to GND & EN(able)). The adalogger turned on with the lipo battery, but I had (!Serial) in my sketch which prevented the sketch to initialise and run its loop when it was being powered by the lipo battery. So I removed this from my sketch and works fine (for now) !