Add on/off switch to AdaFruit v1.2 usb charger

Hello all.
Is there a way to add an on/off switch to the load output directly on the Adafruit USB LiIon/LiPoly charger v1.2?

I’m aiming to connect this charger to an ISD1820 voice recorder and player so that it can power the sound device as well as have a usb-recharge functionality for an attached LiPo battery.
As the ISD1820 also has two LEDs connected to it, the addition of an on/off switch somewhere in the circuit chain will allow me to turn the ISD1820 unit off when not in use.

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Peter, Welcome to the forum,

Adding a switch on the load output of the charger shouldn’t be too hard but will require some soldering.
I found the schematic for the charger here.

I would probably try and make a proto-board to interface with the load and have a new connector to the voice recorder on that. Then connect the proto-board to the charger via the empty header pin terminals using some headers.
Adding a switch between the LOAD+ header pin terminal and new connector on the proto-board would then give you an on/off switch to the load.

Do you have a link to what you have? I’ve found this as both an IC and as a full PCB.

Hi Peter,

Welcome to the Forum!
If you are looking for a super easy solution, have a look at these (choosing based on your desired form factor)