Lipo battery polarity

I bought a lipo 2000mAH 3.7V battery from this store a few months ago. The wiring has however came off recently (both red and black),but I’ve soldered them back. However, I am not entirely sure if I remembered correctly where the black and red wire had to be soldered to. I’ve heard not so good stories of lipo batteries when used in the wrong polarity hence I decided to ask for confirmation here. Based on the attached photo, could someone help me to check if I have got the polarity correct before I use this lipo battery again, thanks!

Battery without the wires

After soldering:

Top view (red wire on the left and black wire on the right)

Bottom view

Hi Terence,

Based on the product page photo, it looks like you’ve got it back to front, however, the easiest (and safest!!!) way to make sure is to check the terminals with a multimeter to confirm the voltage polarity, then proceed from there. Something to bear in mind is that your LiPo looks like it’s been through a washing machine. Small dents and puncture marks can often cause a LiPo to swell and become damaged and increasingly less safe.

Thanks Sam for pointing this out. I’ve now resoldered and changed the polarity. The marks are due to the use of the alligator clips during soldering with the hobby creek helping hand. Looks like I have to change the silicon sleeves!

You mentioned about using a multimeter. Currently I am using this:

Which mode do I use to test? Would it be the one with the diode symbol?

If you are checking polarity, then configure the DMM for Volts mode, put the black test lead in COM and the red into V.

Be careful, LiPo’s are dangerous if you short circuit them.

Put the black lead on the black wire, red on the red. If you are seeing a positive voltage then the battery is wired up the right way. If you see a negative voltage, then the battery wires are the wrong way around.