Lipo Charger-Type C (DFR0668)

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This is a Type-C Lipo charger designed for single-cell 3.7V lithium battery. The compact size makes it easy to integrate into your applications. The charger adopts … read more

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Is it possible to use this charger with this battery (SKU: CE04377) at the same time as a load is being used? If so, do you have any contextual details of how this might be possible?



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Yes you’d just connect it in parallel with the load and battery.


Hey Aaron,

@Oliver33 is right that’ll work. I’d just check that you’re running at 500mA with the 1000mAh+ batteries or your charging will take a significantly long time.

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Cheers :slight_smile: @Oliver33 and @Bryce, I’ve just soldered the 500mA bridge

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