Load Cell, Amplifier accuracy, etc


i have a fruit packing machine with a load cell which is providing some very inaccurate and inconsistent weights, the load cell itself is giving out accurate voltages/weights but i am wanting to put a much more accurate amplifier on it as well as a screen with the weights similar to the one shown in the SKU: SEN0160 product, if this is not possible, id just purchase the SKU: A000066 and the SKU: SEN-13879, my question is that between 100gms and 200gms the voltage difference is only 0.4mV are these products able to handle this accuracy/small voltage (8.2mV and 8.6mV respectively).


Hi Ernest,

I think that the weight sensor module SKU: SEN0160 should be able to handle those voltages. It says in the datasheet that it can handle input voltage of +/-20mV or +/-40mV depending on how you program it. Those voltages seem pretty standard for a load cell.

Here is the datasheet: http://www.dfrobot.com/image/data/SEN0160/hx711_english.pdf

I do recommend the Sparkfun load cell amplifier. SEN-13878. It is functionally the same, and you will need an Arduino to interface with either of them.

I hope that helps you get your project started! Let me know if you have any further questions!

Hello Stephen

thats great thanks for the info. on the separate screen, can you point me in the right direction to add this as well, similar to that in the picture for the SEN0160, perhaps larger though if possible

again thank you


I believe this is the display that is pictured. It interfaces very easily with the Arduino Uno. You will be able to find no end of tutorials to teach you how to use it as well. There are many different displays and screens out there. I would suggest that you get something working with a well documented part like this before diving into the world of displays though :slight_smile:

thanks Stephen
just finally what part number is the display pictured, it seems as thought that is not part of the kit

Woops! I wrote my reply but forgot to add the link! Here you go: https://core-electronics.com.au/rgb-lcd-shield-kit-w-16x2-character-display-only-2-pins-used-negative-display.html

appreciate that Stephen, thanks!!

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