Resolution of Load Cell

I have to mearsure a load of around 20kg with a resolution of around 50grams.
I have been looking on the following load cell and amplifier:
Load cells:


How do i calculate the resolution?

By resoultuion i mean every change in force aplied.
Can i for instance measure a difference between: 10.00kg and 10.05kg or 0.30kg and 0.35kg?

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From this video, looks like these cells do not have that much accuracy that you’re looking for: Arduino Scale with HX711 and 50kg Bathroom Scale Load Cells | Step by Step Guide. - YouTube

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What determines the acuracy and have can i calculate it?

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Possibly we could also ignore the big loads and then use the following load cell instead:

Would this be sufficient?

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Hi David,

From a quick search through the HX711 datasheet the resolutions is somewhere in the 24-bit range - note that to get the highest accuracy reading your load cell should be rated for 2x the mass that it carries.

From my understanding load cells have a close to linear relation across its ‘accurate range’ - the calibration that you do and the environment factor in a lot to how it runs.
With the 20kg load cell I think you’ll be fine to measure 10.00kg vs 10.05kg but you’ll have to do more calibration to get it working lower down accurately.

I haven’t dabbled too much with load cells but this Factory Ep goes into detail a bit: The Factory | Testing Load Cell ADC Performance - YouTube