Loading a pgm to a Trinket M0

I am using the Trinket M0 for the first time. A simple Blink pgm compiles but it never gets fully loaded. I am not sure how to attach a file with the images of the error.

I get the message avrdude: ser_recv(): Programmer is not responding

after which it times out and keeps retrying.


Two questions on my issue …

  1. Is COM3 OK to use for the TRINKET M0
  2. Is “avrisp mkII” the correct compiler to use for the Trinket M0


Hi @Peter82766

I would refer you to the Adafruit Learning System, and the tutorial on the Trinket M0. This covers all the things you need to get up and running.

My brain hurts. New post to reflect the Trinket M0 and not the trinket.

With respect, I have read these documents more than once and have followed it as best I can, I have done it all far more than oonce.

I really need help to fix the problem, and my questions answered. … please

So have you installed the Windows drivers?

Have you uninstalled Circuit Python?

All in the documentation

Hi Peter,

Can you please send through your script and a picture of your setup so that we can take a look for syntax errors or anything else that we may be able to find that’d help with troubleshooting on this board. Also is there anything else that you’ve tried that we may be able to analyse. All the best!

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Gents, I have been researching the issue on the Adafruit website and they talk about USB incompatibility with Trinket … I am using a 9-10 year old laptop for this project (lighting buildings with neopixels on my model RR) … The laptop does have Windows 10.

I am going to rebuild and test with a current technology desktop and see if that is where the problem is … I will get back to you in a few days … thanks

Hi @Peter82766

The Trinket and the Trinket M0 are completely different boards. The Trinket M0 is based on the SAMD21 chip and is well supported by the Arduino IDE.

Trinket M0 also comes with Circuit Python preinstalled. This won’t work with the Arduino IDE. You must uninstall Circuit Python.

I installed everything on my desktop, and it is working fine. Can write, load and run sketches … still having issues with the old laptop …

Thanks for the help

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Frustrating isn’t it. But don’t kick the cat too much. :grin:

Why not see if we can’t get the laptop working as well?

My thought is that Windows on the laptop has decided to use the wrong device driver for the board, and even if you install the correct for the Trinket M0, Windows is quite happy to continue using the wrong driver. It may be necessary to manually change the driver for the board.

Does Windows device manager show the same device driver on both machines?

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