Long range WiFi

I am looking for a solution to send small data packages across a distance of about 400m through very dense vegetation (large Mountain Ash eucalypts) and down a steep gully.

Data is coming from control units run by Arduino and connected a number of sensors and a switch system. I am considering the uGateway for LoRaWAN &amp with an external antenna - one at each end of the system. I need the uGateway to connect to a modem which will connect to the control units (the units have already been coded to connect to the modem so I dont want to fit the uGateways directly to the control units).

My questions are:
a) will the uGateway and antenna be able to penetrate the thick vegetation
b) will the uGateway be able to connect to a modem so that the communications with the control units happens via the modem
c) is there a better system for setting up the communications between the adsl network (at a residential house) and the modem located at the bottom of the densely wooded valley (this site is very isolated - no mobile reception etc).

Thoughts and ideas appreciated.


Hi Michael,

The RFM69 modules should work just fine.

Take a look at the guides listed within the product page for more info about how to set them up. uGateway is designed for LoRaWAN and perhaps not needed for a straight forward setup such as this.

Thanks Graham, I am keen to have it as simple as possible. Just not sure how the RFM69 would go connecting to a modem - this is the critical bit as the control units are programmed to talk to the modem and I dont want to have to change that. Also, what antenna would you recommend to get through the very thick vegetation I am dealing with. Previously this has proved impossible for WIFi systems capable of transmitting 9km under normal circumstances.

Attached is a diagram of the setup with the problem area circled.

Hi Michael,

If you are set on using WiFi, then just grab some Yagi WiFi antennas and point them in eachothers general direction

Thanks, i will try that.

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does Core electronics do Yagi. none came up in my search.

Hi Michael,

We don’t stock them as makers sending data to a low cost sensor a-ways-away would typically use something lower cost with programmable hardware as icing on the cake! Perhaps take a look at this.

thanks, want to play it safe with this one as it is an 8 hour drive each way to do the install. the last antenna we tried looked a bit like the one you sent the link for just now - supposed to work up to 8km and can penetrate steel walls etc but could not get through the dense forest we needed it to. Apparently to get through trees you need 900MHz or the signal gets absorbed. going to try https://www.senetic.com.au/product-amy-9m16-2/?gclid=CjwKCAiA4t_iBRApEiwAn-vt-1FydfsJdanIPkf9AczmO-_GwYJ2yemOikuSalxPh52A5hjcs1d-QxoCZyIQAvD_BwE


Yep, RF has some real limitations and my suggestion to use RFM69’s would likely be the best. Though it’s going to be very DIY, require some custom code, a UART interface between the PC and the first transceiver.

That’s not everyone’s cup of tea and there are lots of commercial off the shelf products that do the same job, albeit cost more.

Good luck with it!

yea, i am going to try them or those other ones that go through the mobile phone network on the next lot of control units i make. have someone who gets excited about doing the code so thats not a problem.

thanks for your advice along the way.

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