LoRaWAN Antenna Extension cable

Hi guys,
I have purchased one of your LoRaWAN Sentrius Gateways and a full wave antenna.

Unfortunately due to the shape of my barn roof and location of power and comms cabinet that houses the gateway I need an extension cable to connect the two devices.

I need a cable 8m long.

Do you guys sell / could you get one made up as a special order?


Hi Jon,

I have had a look around and found a cable that may reach the distance you are after.

Just so you are aware you may have trouble with the system after you add this cable, it is generally not a good idea to use cables that are greater in length then 1/2 of the wavelength of the electronics. At 915Mhz the wavelength is about 30 cm.

Hi Clinton,
Thanks for the link. If extending the cable is generally considered bad practice and reduces the signal strength, my next alternative is to consider relocating the antenna closer to the gateway.

I’ll experiment with this option and see what I can make work.


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You could give it a try, it might work. Knowing that it can be an issue is important in this case as I have seen many Makers suffer headaches from circuits that “should work” but have weird behaviours as a result of long cables.