uGateway for LoRaWAN & TTN (CE06076)

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This Plug-and-Play 8-channel Gateway comes preconfigured so all you need to do is connect to your home WiFi, sit back, and start making your own LoRaWAN devices.

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The easiest way to update your WiFi credentials is to modify wpa_supplicant.conf,

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Do you have any more information on the LoRaWAN uGateway? Such as the boards that make up gateway; model and manufacturer’s details. etc?

The gateway module looks a lot like a RAK831 with SX1301 (even to the point that they haven’t removed the PCB assembly tooling strips, just like RAK sell them). In which case the pricing for this is very good.

Ah, I see Core sell other RAK products - so that pretty much checks out.

Thanks @Peter50107, great tip.

We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible, purposefully, so that it’s not complicated for the average beginner with LoRaWAN. With that said, here’s some interesting intel:

  • The LoRaWAN concentrator module is a RAK Wireless RAK831 (based on the SX1301)
  • Full 8-Channel support (none of that single channel stuff!)
  • Can be configured to any of the 900+ Mhz LoRaWAN region (we preset it to AS923)
  • It’ll be pre-configured and connected to our community TTN account as a registered gateway, for testing purposes and ease of use. Though you can very-easily claim the device from within your own TTN account
  • There is an adaptor board between the RPi Zero WH and the RAK831 - designed, populated and soldered right here in Newcastle
  • The RAK831 uses the Semtech packet forwarder which is stable and easy to configure (if you know what you are doing)
  • We’re sticking with “Raspbian Stretch with desktop” so that beginners can navigate around more easily. If you really wanted to, you could setup “Raspbian Stretch Lite” for faster boot times, etc. We’ll share the setup steps in near future.

With all of that said, we’ve tried to make things as down-to-Earth as possible, so that people can power-up a Gateway, grab a node, write some code, and get going. And then sometime down the track, dive into the packet forwarder to explore more.

Yep, no rough edges for us (or you) to deal with, plus, that’s how people are familiar with the look of them, so why not :slight_smile: We’ll make the RAK831 accessible on its own, though this bundle will always have better value if you can make use of the Pi Zero WH + uSD card.


Full 8-Channel support (none of that single channel stuff!)

By full, is it simultaneous 8 channel?

That’s a loaded question if ever I’ve seen one! Yes, is the short answer. Though like all LoRaWAN hardware there are caveats around RF and what’s possible. The SX1301 is able to to scan 8 channels for preambles at all data rates simultaneously up to 8 packets. However, it cannot demodulate more than 8 packets simultaneously. Depending on packet footprints, this device could service thousands of nodes each day with ease.

Where is the official guide to set the wifi password?
I received my hardware today and would love to set it up.

Hi Tim,

The Pi has Raspbian installed on it. You can connect to Wifi by using the GUI on the Raspberry Pi.
A full setup guide is in work and will be up before long :slight_smile:

Hi TIm,

Great to hear it has arrived! I shot everyone an email a moment ago with steps, the guides will be online soon.

Mine just arrived! Hiya @Kean35862 =) I have a couple of TTGO modules here that I can’t wait to deploy =).

Edit: Woohoo data is flowing! …


Nice work guys. I am thinking of making a completely self contained mobile access point.

Can the concept be expanded to include a 4G board to make it stand alone?

Is there breathing space on the Pi Zero for other applications (like NodeRed, MySQL/Postgre?, Apache) or can the platform be scaled to a RPI 3B+ without any, some or too many changes?

Hi Peter,

You could easily connect this to a 4G board or Dongle to make this fully mobile. That was the initial concept that Graham came up with for this product, and our initial prototype included one!

There is plenty of breathing room on the Pi for other applications to run, and if you want more (thanks to the cross-compatibility of all Raspberry Pi boards) you can just swap the SD card to a 3B+ and plug it in and it will work!

It won’t fit so nicely in the case though! :slight_smile:

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I was going to fold the RPi 3 in half … sponsored by “Yet another mechanical engineering solution for every electrical engineering problem”.

But between this board and your idea of a 4g dongle to DIY it (or just the complete 4G Pilot). I think that’s RPi 3 gateway POC scope job done.

Heya Guys,

What’s the process to get this gateway assigned to my own TTN account ? … I only saw your ‘message us at time of purchase’ message …after the purchase =) …

Hi Jon,

Just reply to your original order confirmation email and we will get the TTN account transferred for you!

Hiya Stephen,

Done, thank you =).

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Are you able to share some spectrum analyser details (shots) for the antenna in the kit and the [Omni Outdoor Antenna High Gain Fiberglass Full Wave 915MHz 6dBi RP-SMA (LoRa AU915 & AS923)] ?
I would like to get a feel of the efficiency of the 2 antennas.

Hi @Rodney79243,

We don’t have that information for uGateway. The Full Wave antenna we may do someday, though we don’t have that test equipment on site.