Looking for a board that only uses the CC2640 from Texas Instruments

hi, I was wondering if the chip (CC2640F128RHBT: https://au.element14.com/texas-instruments/cc2640f128rhbt/rf-wireless-mcu-2-4ghz-5mbps-vqfn/dp/3009108?st=cc2640) is on any development boards or anything along those lines for programming, or how easy this item would be to program. thanks for any help!!

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Programming for RF24 is well supported on many platforms, but there doesn’t seem to be much for this particular device. That might simply be becasue it complies with the standard and has no specific oddities.


okay thanks for this!

okay, so it seems to be pretty well known then. is it possible to use it as the microcontroller, and nothing else, like having another piece of circuitry/MCU on the outside?

Do you mean not having another piece of circuitry/MCU on the outside?

Yes. It uses an Arm® Cortex-M3 with 275KB of nonvolatile memory plus flash and SRAM. You would need to consult the detailed documentation for your selected module to determine what programming protocols are supported and the development platforms that support it. TI provides their own platform:
Getting Started — Bluetooth Low Energy Software Developer’s Guide 3.00.01 documentation
Which is designed for their own module:
LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2 Development kit | TI.com

okay based on this, theoretically i could create a ble enabled device running just on this. awesome thank you!

okay, i believe i have found something that should theoretically allow me to work with the cc2640, which is this module: NRF52840-DONGLE Nordic Semiconductor ASA | RF/IF and RFID | DigiKey, which seems to cover what i need, as it has every component needed to get started, plus the ability to add things.