Looking for a high torque 12V DC motor

I have a project wherein I need to lift/lower a 25kg weight about 1.2 metres off the ground over 10-30 seconds. I have high-tensile 2mm cord that is rated to the job on a pulley with an internal diameter of 10mm to go over the motor shaft and an outer winding diameter of 30mm, so the required torque is approximately 8Nm or 80kg.cm. Does Core Electronics have a motor like this?

Hi Scott,

8 N.m is a lot! (at least in the hobby space). I think GoBilda motors with planetary gearboxes would be the best bet here:

Pick a ratio that gives you a torque overhead you are happy with, and check out their mounting hubs and the like, everything is well documented dimension-wise, so you should have no troubles bolting it to the rest of your project.

Let us know what you think!

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Yeah that looks pretty good actually. Thanks!