Looking for Lidar scanner for Lab research (water surface)

I am looking for a lidar scanner to track the moment of wave overtopping event on an experimental model for my current project. But I wonder that which lidar model can be scanning and catching water moment at the breakwater model (not go through it like other laser scanners).

The experiments of the present study will be conducted in the wave flume (24 m length × 0.8 m depth × 0.5 m width) at the Griffith University Hydraulics Lab

I saw some Lidar scanner model on Core website (like RPLIDAR A3 - 360 Degree; RPLIDAR A2M8 360°), but I not sure if it suits for my using purpose.

Thank you for your time!

Hi @Anthony148675, this sounds like a pretty interesting problem. My experience with LIDAR only pertains to solid opaque objects.

I’ve done a bit of light research and come up with a paper that sought to gather high spatial- and temporal-resolution water surface data using a laser. It even lists the model! Perhaps comparing the laser specs of that model to ones Core stocks will answer your question - or at least send you on the right path.

I wonder if computer vision will give you adequate results? In any case, what a rabbit hole!


Thank you, Michael!

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