LoRa to GSM (Text Message / SMS)

Hi guys,

I’m trying to put a project together that works in the following way:

  • Two pumps that would like to start up simultaneously. Both pumps do not have access to wifi or cell services.
  • The pumps will be remotely activated based on a tank level that is approx 2km from pumps and does have Cell service. I would like to receive a text message every day indicating
    • tank level and pump run time……
    • and other data….

I have a stash of Uno R3 and and LoRa radio shields for them. I plan on using these on pump sites.

I’m after a simple solution, and have the following parts in mind so far:

  • Arduino MKR2UNO Adapter
  • Arduino MKR NB 1500
  • LoRa UNO SPI comm shield that I already have.

Will this work with adaptor and is MKR NB 1500 the most economical way of doing this?


Hi Luke,

Welcome to the forum, sounds like an interesting project and certainly a handy application.

Do you have a link to the LoRa shield you were planning to use so we can get a bit more information on it?

Hi thanks Trent
I’m have several of these kicking around the workshop


Arduino Compatible Long Range LoRa Shield | Jaycar Electronics


](Arduino Compatible Long Range LoRa Shield | Jaycar Electronics)

I’m planning on keeping the whole project local and simple with text message. As an older generation wishes to just receive a text.

Luke Dunn
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