Lulzbot Taz 5 3D Printer (CE00035)

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The TAZ 5 3D printer represents one of the more recent revisions in Lulzbots high performance desktop 3D printer range. If you are a seasoned 3D printer looking for a printer that is reliable, upgradable and produces impressive prints every time, the Taz 5 is for you. This 3D printer provides you with a wide range of features that facilitate more consistent, higher quality prints although, it comes pretty bare bones; not featuring the auto-bed levelling upgrade of the Taz 6 that everyone has come to love.

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Minimal construction required (just have to attach the Y axis to the main body of the printer and plug in all the connections). All software needed is included on the SD card making it easy to get the printer up and running in easily under an hour. After a simple bed leveling, the printer is good to go. Great for those just wanting to bring their ideas to reality, great quality prints with no calibration. It’s a very sturdy machine being able to print quite fast (great as many of my prints are quite large). Highly recommend.

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