Potential new 3D printer user

Hi. First post, just found this forum tonight.
I’ve been looking to buy a 3d printer to manufacture some small parts for a project I hope to start manufacturing and selling. My current mindset is that I need this as a manufacturing tool and have little interest in pursuing 3D printing as a ‘hobby’ - I’ve got enough of those… :wink:
Anyway, I was initially looking at buying a Prusa i3 mk2, but I’m not interested in putting the kit together and the fully assembled one delivered to Oz, including taxes and duties, comes to about the same price as the Lulzbot Mini.
I’m hearing good things about the Lulzbot and I love that it’s basically plug and play.
My question is, what’s the learning curve like for someone who has ZERO experience in this field?
I have downloaded a copy of fusion 360 and already created a couple of the parts I need to start manufacturing.
I guess another other option would be to save my money and farm out the work to someone who knows what they’re doing…

Hey Muzza,
Thanks for posting. I’m glad that you have found us! If you are looking for an easy to use, reliable and well supported 3D printer, then you are definitely on the right track with a Lulzbot Mini.

It comes fully assembled, and startup time from unboxing to your first print is around 40 minutes. The process is fully documented and teaches you everything you need to know to start printing right away. If you have already been designing things using CAD software, then you will probably find the 3D printing learning curve quite easy. If you need any more help or even just some confidence, check out my 3D Printing Online Course (I use the Lulzbot Mini for most of the workshop).

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have anymore questions!

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In a couple of the reviews I read on the Lolzbot Mini, its specifies a minimum build height of 50mm.

Many items I need to build will only be 10 - 15mm high, so it seems that this machine won’t be suitable for my needs?

Hi @muzza45782,

The min build height could be one layer of material (not that such a design would be overly useful). I have a feeling you are confusing some information about the max layer thickness which is 0.05mm to 0.50mm.