Mains power adaptor for bluetooth power amp

I’m looking to extend the life of a couple of passive speakers I have. Bluetooth power amp board (SKU DFR0803) is compatible with the speakers’ specs for wattage and impedance. However, I would like to connect the amp board to the mains plug in my home, which I guess will require a converter. I have no technical competence so lack confidence in ordering the correct product to achieve this.

Can anyone let me know what part is required, ideally one that can be purchased via Core?

Thanks - John M


Something like this might work as long as it does not need more than 2A.

If you need more power this should do it. You will also need an IEC cable to connect the supply to the wall socket.

The 2.1mm tip means the supply will pug into the DC5-27V socket.



Thanks Jim - this is the info I was after


Hi John,

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There also seems to be a catch with the voltage you feed in:

Depending on the speakers that you have will dictate the voltage that you feed the module.

Do you have a link to the speakers that you have?


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I found an ad with specs for the same speakers - indicates 15 to 60w recommended amp output range:

The Amp will drive the Speakers ok, they can handle a much more powerful Amp.
Speakers up to 60W; Amp max output 38W at 24V. (per speaker)

Using 12V the output will be 12W per speaker as per specifications.
The 12V 2A plug pack would probably be on its limits at maximum power.

But, if 12W per channel is not enough then a 24V supply would be necessary, probably around 5A.

If this was mine, I would test it with one of the 12V 2A plug packs I have to see how it goes. This might be all I need. If you google 24V 5A supplies you will find some but with 2.5mm plug not 2.1mm.

Core Electronics has retired the 24V 5A supply they had with a 2.1mm plug.
Anyway … hope all this makes sense, really depends on how much power you want out of the speakers.


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