Clarification on 12V 5A supply

This page 12V DC 5A Fixed 2.1mm Tip Switching Power Supply | Core Electronics Australia says “The Mean Well GST60A12-P1M is a 12V DC 5A Switching Power Supply. Supplied with fixed 2.1mm DC jack”.
However the Meanwell datasheet GST60A-MEAN WELL Switching Power Supply Manufacturer says the GST60A12-P1M is a 2.5mm ID jack. Could you clarify please?
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I’ve done some digging and you are right! Technically the GST60A12-P1M is a 2.5mm ID jack though because it uses the “tuning fork” style connector we have found it will still work well with either 2.1 or 2.5mm jacks. 0.4mm is quite small after all and the tuning form design is somewhat spring-loaded.

The Barrel style plugs are a little bit less forgiving, I’ve included a photo below of this plug alongside a 2.5 mm and 2.1 mm barrel style plug

I’ll make a note to have our product page updated to make it clear this is a 2.5 mm ID, but will often work with 2.1 mm ID connectors you find are far more common in maker hardware.

If you wanted to be sure you got a meanwell power supply with exactly 2.1mm ID it looks like you’d need to get the P1I variant as shown by the exert from the datasheet I’ve included below.


Hi Trent

Bit of a bold statement. I don’t think you could GUARANTEE this will always work. Almost means you would have to purchase one to find out. Then it might work with one 2.1mm connector and might not work with another one. Bit iffy.

If this is the case why do Core not stock the one with 2.1mm connector instead of the 2.5mm one. Does the same apply to the 24V supply stocked? I have not had a look.
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Thanks Trent, for taking the time to check, appreciate it.

It seems to be the P1J that is 2.1mm ID, 11mm length (bottom of previous page).

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Hi Bob,

I’ll shoot this to our product team to see if we should stock it :slight_smile: