Makeblock 555 High-speed CNC Motor 24V/10000RPM (MB81310)

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Note: This motor does NOT come with connecting wire, please choose motor cable of corresponding current to work with it. Makeblock 555 High-speed CNC Motor 24V/10000RPM … read more

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hi there im just curious if i coudl swap this motor out for my motor these are my spec thanks

Model: 555

Rated Voltage: DC 12V

Rated Power: 30W

Rated Speed: 8000r/min

i need abit more rmp than 8000

can the chuck be removed to thanks

Appears to be a brushed DC motor, which is OK. ~1.25A, but more on start-up.
Dimensions would be nice, and I would like to have a spec sheet, but seems to be good for a small engraver if the ‘run-out’ is not too great.
Drill chuck suggests run-out is not high on the designers mind, but may be OK for a simple, and small, CNC router.
I agree with previous comment, a collet would be better, but perhaps that writer is looking for a pulley to a precision spindle.


I can’t tell if the chuck can be removed. There is no visible way to remove it. You can extrapolate the dimensions from this model:

If you swap your motor, then it will run at approximately 5000 rpm. Since your device will only be providing 12V of the desired 24V.

Good luck with your project!

Not that it’s that important to get the chuck off, unless it turns out to be out of axis, or loose, but often you need to open the chuck as wide as possible with the chuck key, and see if there is a screw deep down inside the chuck screwed into the shaft. I’d expect there might be one.

    I was thinking of one for drilling home made  PCBs in a 3D printed drill press. Or using one in an "Eggbot" style CNC set up for engraving rings (copper/brass -probably not silver or gold!)
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Hi Bob,

I don’t have one handy to look at in person. Just going off all the available material I can find on it online :slight_smile: