Raspberry Pi Scale System


I want to create a multi scaled system using Raspberry Pi’s, so I can measure materials . I want the system to be cheap, whilst being reliable. Each scale will have about a max of 15kg on it, I want it to measure in 5g increments. I’m new to this so I haven’t really got a clue. The components for each scale I would like to fit in a 3D printed enclosure. 1x enclosures with 200x100mm dimensions, and 1x 200mmx200mm enclosures, I want the enclosures to be no thicker than 20mm, assuming the material has a thickness of 3mm. If it works I would like each of the load cells to communicate to a pi Pico which then communicates the weight back to a pi zero which can be viewed on a web-app. I want the Pico’s data to communicate wired e.g. USB other forms, and support a minimum of 6 scales for future expansion. Also I need this to run of a single power output a battery, what would be suitable for that? In attached diagram is what I’m trying to create, dose this work, is their a better approach?

Thank you, help much appreciated.

Sounds like a great application for the Makerverse Load Cell Kit.

Your requirements are a little different, but the kit is open source and all the parts can be bought separately to match your needs (eg. the load cell rating).
You’ll be able to make use of the code and examples too!