Makerverse Plant_io SHIM (CE09594)

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Breaks out connectors for a pump, soil moisture sensor and environmental sensing with PiicoDev.

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I love the idea of this project because i’ve been meaning to set up something like it in my home office, living room, kitchen etc. While I realise this kit is designed for people doing electronics discover/first steps, I’d definitely throw money at something that allowed me to connect a bunch of moisture sensors, a pump and some solenoid valves so I could selectively, automatically water my few-dozen plants (in particular when we travel over the summer holls).
Yes, I could make a board and solder it all up myself, but having an off-the-shelf kit with a pico w in a housing that I can pick n*(sensor+valve) as addons and hook it up with jst/pico dev/etc plugs would be amazing!


This kit is just a template too - once you dial in your needs there’s nothing stopping you from making mods - use a Pico W and get it network connected or strip out all the platform hardware and just have it stuck into your Peace Lily pot

Happy Making :smiley: