Making a USB Joystick Board into a Bluetooth connection

Hi Guys,

I have another question for my Sim Racing steering wheel.

I have one of the below boards from Leo Bodnar that I am using in the my wheel,

I want to add a bluetooth board to connect it to the PC, I have been looking at the HC 05/06’s and am trying to work out which I need or if they are suitable at all and how I need to wire the USB controller to either?

This maybe a dumb question but I assume that obviously the 5V & Ground are an easy match but are the Data +/- matched to Rx/Tx?

Any advice would be appreciated thanks.



Hi Justin,

From what I’ve read about the Leo Bodnar board you’ve linked it’s connecting via USB, which is a serial communications type but unfortunately not the same as what the RX/TX pins are expecting on the HC 05/06 modules.
We have a tutorial explaining how to use the HC 05 modules on the site that goes through the details, but usually they are setup as a ‘transparent link’ between two devices and will need other controllers to operate them.


Thanks for your reply Trent,

I did speak to James in the shop this afternoon and he mentioned there maybe some better options with a different type of micro controller.

Currently my steering wheel runs a 5” HDMI Raspberry Pi screen, via a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter powered from an inbuilt battery pack and the Leo Bodnar board. Basically all parts that were easily available locally that didn’t require much knowledge or programming etc to enable me to prove the concept.

My concept now that the screen side is working satisfactorily, (which I had thought would be the difficult part), is possibly to just go to a single controller that can act as a driver for the lcd screen & button controller and enables wireless connection for both to my PC. And if the product can be proven to be a commercially viable solution to head down the PCB path for everything, making it a much simpler build process.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for attaching the photos that is a super slick-looking prototype! Keen to see where it goes once you go down the custom PCB path.