Support for qoitech otii arc

Hello Team,

I want to measure electricity after running a code. I have Qoitech otii arc device. However, can you please help me to set up the device? I appreciate your help.

Hi Masud,

The Otii docs are quite well laid out.

If you have any problems following them, a few of our staff have used the Otii Arc and can help out.


Thanks James for your kind reply. I will try again and come back if needed.


Hi James,

I checked the YouTube video and documents to test the power consumption; however, I can not measure the power consumption of a small Arduino device. Would you please help?

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Hi @Masud261864 - we’re happy to help, but you might have to help us out first with a bit of a walkthrough of your system!
Can you share photo(s) and/or video(s) and tell us any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken?


Hi Michael, Thanks for your reply.
I am trying to measure how much power is required to run a particular program (block cipher algorithm). When I tried to record the power consumption, it was saying to activate the measurements. However, I could not find how to activate the measurement. It does not give any options. I have attached the screenshot. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Masud
I don’t profess to know anything about your problem but could something like this be relevant.
Cheers Bob

Hi Robert, initially, i thought that the license could be the issue. So I bought the license. However, I am not given any options to modify the measurements.

Hi @Masud261864 - i’m not sure you really need a battery life estimator or battery emulation.
The ottii ought to plot voltage/current/power straight out of the box, so you should be able to get a great idea of how much power your project will consume by extrapolating this information.

Have you followed these steps to perform a power measurement?

If you want to do long term deployment testing like simulating a battery you will probably need the license. But I have found the standard features to be enough to eg. profile my battery powered project and determine how much power is used over a certain period.

if you’re set on the license already, which license did you purchase? Did you activate it within the software?
It looks like the basic license is still in use


according to Qoitech, the Standard license is the one to use, according to this table at least.

and there are some extras for the pro license too

though again, I’m not sure you will need these.

Thanks, Michael, for your detailed explanation.

Hello Michael, Thanks for your help. It was the license issue. Now everything is working fine.

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Awesome @Masud261864 :partying_face: I’m glad your project is well underway. Keep us updated with your findings :smiley: These devices are super interesting and I’m sure a lot of other people are curious to see your experience using the advanced features that most people don’t get to play with :grin: