Mega Prototyping Shield For Arduino Mega (DFR0016)

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This is a design for an open-source prototyping shield for Arduino Mega. It has tons of cool features, to make prototyping on your Arduino easy. Assembly and soldering is required!

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Great board. However be cautious, this board does not have holes to use pins [NC, IOREF, D21, D20] and will stop you using with any board which has those pins already soldered with male connectors.
This is ok if only adding a single photo board to a mega but you will not be able to add this board into a setup which uses an already created Arduino Mega Pin Out. (ask me how I know :rofl:)
Suggest this if you need to have all the pins available.


Hi Robert,

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Excellent catch, we’ll be sure to include that in the descriptions!


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If you wish, you can share your PCB design at PCBWay Community:Your Home for PCB,Electrical Engineering & Electronics Community PCB experts hang around in this forum. They may figure out if any further modification is recommended.

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The comment means that the description doesn’t math the image - D20 and D21 are shown broken out. They are labelled SDA and SCL respectively. (The thru-holes above D22/D23 that look like they should be D20 and D21 are actually specified as +5V.)

IORef is actually 5V, which is available elsewhere on the protoboard. IOREF is actually labelled 5V on some boards. So the comment should make it clear that it is the thruholes for these pins that are not provided, not the function.

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