Arduino Nano V3.2 (A000005)

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The Arduino Nano is a small version of the Arduino UNO with a breadboard-friendly form factor. The board was originally designed by Gravitech.

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What is a suitable socket for the Arduino Nano V3.2

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It depends on why you are using a socket. If it’s for prototyping then you would use female 0.1" headers soldered into a prototyping board:

If it’s for experimenting with the device then you would use an expansion shield:

ZIF sockets are also available and can be used with a ptotoyping board to make a custom expansion shield (but check the width):

If you solder the Nano to a prototyping board then you can use whatever sockets that board supports:


Thanks Jeff


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Is the Arduino Nano V3.2 a genuine Arduino product? I recently bought a supposed “Genuine” Nano which turned out to be Chinese junk that could not communicate via USB.

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The reason that the knock-off Nano could not communicate via USB is probably because you had the incorrect Processor selected. For these Nanos the Processor must be “ATmega328P (Old Bootloader)”. If you just select the Board as “Ardiuno Nano” the wrong Processor is selected by default.

These boards are inexpensive because they use a discontinued USB interface device, but once you set the Processor correctly they work just fine (although they might not be at version 3.2).

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Hi Marko,

Welcome to the forum!!

I can confirm that these are geniune Arduino boards, everything with the brand ‘Arduino’ on the Core website is ordered through them.

We do also stock compatible boards. Since the design is open source other manufacturers can produce them. They are electrically the same but dont have the Arduino level of documentation. (these still are covered under Core’s warranty)

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Many thanks Liam. I have ordered one!