MEGA with WIFI issue

Hello all,
I bought a mega built-in wifi (esp) from Jaycar.

I program it to read 2 data (6.3/0.21) from thingspeak (on esp) and it could connect with my home wifi with ease and display the data on serial motor no issues.

Then, the data to be read by mega mcu and display on a LCD. On the serial monitor, it was taking very long time to connect to the wifi, when finally connected, it also taking very long time to read/display the data. Nothing was showing up on the LCD at that moment.

When the connection was terminated, the LCD was showing rows of 1111111. (Probably last digit of the data).

I guess it is a mcu speed issue with wifi speed is many times faster than a mega mcu? Or it could be the program code how to pass the data from esp to mega mcu?

Just curious anyone out there know what’s happening? Thanks heaps.


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Hi Tien,

Very sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

It’s a bit hard to say without looking at your code,

The WiFi board seems to communicate the through a serial connection, so as long as the baud rate is matched then communication will happen no worries.


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Hello Liam,
Thanks for your reply mate. No worries.

Just managed to get it to work! Actually yesterday. Lol.

There are too many google helps and YouTube that are pretty confusing. Definitely some coding as how to read and write the message in the serial monitor and pass on to a display.


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