Help with ESP8266 wifi setup using Arduino nano

Hi, I am very new to Arduino -so forgive me for perhaps not knowing the correct terminology!
I am trying to start using my ESP8266 wifi card with my Arduino Nano to then control the blynk app.
Have you any tips or suggestions as to why it wouldn’t be working? I have followed a tutorial I found on YouTube and believe I have the correct wiring. However, I am now having issues like this:
Board at COM4 is not available

Is there a reason as to why this is happening?

Any direction would be really appreciated.

Hi Samantha,

No worries, awesome that your working on new projects. Hmmm, could you link the tutorial, that you are following or some photos of the error and your code. Otherwise, here is a neat tutorial that might work for you:

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Great, thank you. I shall try that tutorial first and see if i have any luck. If not i shall post my pics and errors!

I couldn’t get the tutorial to work but this is the one that i have been trying:

ESP8266 wifi module using Arduino Uno || ESP8266 Blynk

I can get as far as the wiring and the wifi card light blinking blue so i know it works and then when i try to use the serial monitor it doesn’t recognise a port.

Again, probably important to note i am using a Nano.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Hi Samantha,

Some of the Nano’s use a CH340 chips instead of a FTDI chip. The difference being that an FTDI chip will work straight away with windows and a CH340 chip will need a driver. If you go to here:
This explains how to install the driver. Let me know if this works!