Metal DC Geared Motor w/Encoder - 6V 210RPM (FIT0521)

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This is a metal geared DC motor w/Encoder. It is a 6V motor with a 34:1 metal gearbox and an integrated quadrature encoder that provides a resolution of 11 counts … read more

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The information for the FIT0521 motor indicates gearbox ratio of 34:1, with 11 pulses per motor rev on encoder. It also says 341.2 counts per revolution of output shaft. Which one is correct? I would have thought output pulses would have been 34*11 = 374?

Both are probably correct. From the product page:

Hall Resolution: Hall Resolution 11x Precision Reduction Ratio 34.02 = 341.2PPR

I’d say there are 10 sections in the encoder set at 36° on the motor shaft, but one full revolution of 360° triggers the first one twice, giving 11 counts per single revolution.