Micro:bit kits

Hi there,

I am about to use Micro:bit in a classroom and am wanting to be able to perform the following functions and was hoping you would be able to assist me in which products I would require.

I am wanting to mock up some prototypes with my class. One example would be, having my students program a system which opens and closes the swansea drawbridge when ships enter. A second example would be developing a gate system to keep passengers safe on train platforms when the high-speed rail is built between Sydney and Newcastle.

The following features I am after include:

Sensors for:

  • weight
  • sound
  • distance
  • motion sensor
  • moisture
  • light sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • temperature sensor
  • UV sensor
  • touch

Additional components:

  • speakers
  • buttons
  • small motors
  • screen of some sort

On top of that I would require anything else to make it operational and to code in a range of sequences from components.

Can you please quote me on the cost of getting 8 kits made?

Thank you for your time,


Hi Samuel,

This is a public forum for discussing project ideas and specifications for parts as opposed to an official page for generating and processing quotes. To do so please follow the process below:

As for a kit that includes those sensors for easy use with a MicroBit, I’d have to suggest the sensor kits that we’ve started manufacturing here in Newcastle for our PiicoDev range which we support and program libraries for (all hardware and the scripts we release are publically available on the matching GitHub repositories). They’re not available on the site just yet as a kit but will be soon and in the meantime, the parts from the kit can be ordered individually to make up most of what you need:

These guides may be helpful in figuring out which parts you’d find most suitable for the projects that you’re looking to do with your students. For some small motors, I’d suggest some micro-servos. Something like an SG90 should work well. And for a touch/UV sensor a switch and a micropython supported I2C UV sensor ought to work nicely.

I also linked a guide from MicroBit for you to get started with using a motor with the MicroBit at the end of the post:

All the best with the project!

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