PiicoDev Adapter for Micro:bit (CE07688)

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Connect your Micro:bit with the outside world using PiicoDev® Adapter for Micro:bit. With this adapter you can experiment with sensors from the PiicoDev range giving your Micro:bit new sensing abilities.

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PiicoDev Starter Kits

As a volunteer, teaching coding at the local primary school for the past 4 years I was delighted to see the introduction of the Australian designed and manufactured PiicoDev Starter Kits and in particular the Micro:bit kit. I was surprised to find the PiicoDev adapter for Micro:bit SKU CE07688 has only the large alligator clip pins on the edge connector. This restricts experiments to the sensors within the 4-wire cable connection system and a few experiments using alligator clips.

I have always found that the Micro:bit alligator clip based experiments under estimate the ability and creativity of the average primary school student.

I have purchased many Micro:bit related boards from Core Electronics including the Pimoroni PinBetween board and the Kitronix view32 display board. These boards allow flow through connection of the Micro:bit edge connector and therefore allow the connection of many items to the Micro:bit. The PiicoDev adapter for Micro:bit does not allow this flow through connection to happen.

How do I connect 16 servo motors to the PiicoDev kit for Micro:bit? as an example of something my students do regularly with other Micro:bit boards and systems.

I therefore urge Core Electronics to consider a V2 of the Micro:bit PiicoDev adapter that includes as much flow connectivity as possible to provide the maximum opportunity for students to create and learn. My students want lots of sensors , displays, servo motors and the ability to connect them without alligator clips.

Keep up the great work and keep up the design and manufacturing in Australia. Best regards

Phil Brown


Hi Philip,

Sounds like you are exactly the kind of person these kits were designed for. I’ll let our product development team know about your thoughts on a version 2 adapter.


Hi Trent,
Thank you for the response. Hope my comment helps.

Best regards



Hey @Philip49445! Thanks for your feedback! We totally agree and are mid-flight on a design right now!

The adapter for Micro:bit was always intended to ‘unlock’ using the PiicoDev ecosystem as simply (and cheaply!) as possible. We’re already working on a separate board for more advanced projects that still includes a handy PiicoDev connector.

When the new design is ready I’ll be sure to update this post with a link.