Microbit parts

I would like to experiment with some sensors and actuators with the microbit.

Can you please recommend which parts would be suitable for :

piezo buzzer
moisture, humidity, temp sensor


Damian Clair

Hi Damian,

Welcome! @Stephen has been spending a lot of time with micro:bit hardware lately, he’ll have some great suggestions.

Hi Damian!

I’ve made up this list of parts that will work well with the Microbit:

For a speaker you can use this:

or this if you want more volume:

These will all work with the Microbit, to connect them you could use a combination of these two types of alligator clips:

We have made some tutorials on using the Microbit for a some projects, including a temperature/humidity sensor, and a soil moisture sensor. You can find them here:

We have more still available here:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Hi Stephen

That’s an awesome list and I shall place an order tomorrow. With regards to the servo I notice dit was rated at 6v and the micro it only outputs at 3v. Would this impact upon its performance ?


Damian Clair

Hi Damian,

The servo should still work off 3.3v, it will just turn a bit slower. It is not ideal to power it directly off the Microbit, but it works in a pinch!