Microbit v2 makecode (block programming) for GlowBit Rainbow

Hello :slight_smile:
Just wondering if anyone can assist with makecode (block programming) for a Microbit v2 for a GlowBit Rainbow. I’m making a robot baby and would like to use the glowbit rainbow as the mouth and when the microbit makes sounds like giggling and other music sounds the glowbit rainbow flashes in time with the sounds so it looks like the baby robot is talking. I’m also incorporating other interactions using the accelerometer. eg. when it cries you have to pick the robot baby up etc. Anyway, every time it does interactions and makes sounds I would also like the glowbit rainbow to flash along.
Look forward to hearing from anyone who can assist.


Hi Marianne,


I havent got a GlowBit but might be able to get you started programming it.

To use the GlowBit you’ll have to use the ‘Neopixel’ extension:

Then integrate the ‘sound blocks’, here’s a guide that should help :slight_smile:

As always with coding, breaking it down into smaller bits can help a lot!


Thanks very much Liam. That’s all really helpful. I’ll be back in touch if I have any curly questions. :slight_smile: