Missing information on some products

After a lot of searching, I found these two things:

The first one seems to be “missing” some detail like: length.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for letting us know, I’ll see what we can do to adjust the title, it appears to be 20cm based on the description.

I measured it up and it’s about 18~20cm depending on whether or not you also include the wire inside of the Dupont connections on each end:

Were there any other details about it that you needed that were missing from the site?

P.S. Personally, I usually use our Adafruit jumpers for my projects, searching for “jumper wires” on the site should provide our most popular and recommended variants:


Just to say, it was painful finding that…

I know I got another reply in/on the other thread.

But jumper leads got a whole can of worms back and it was hard to filter it beyond that.

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