Monobloc for Arduino Nano

Here’s a monobloc breakout for a Nano:

Jumper pins can be inserted into the holes. More secure than with a breadboard.

The bloc is public:


Hi John,

Nice stuff. Breadboards can be finicky so I’m glad to see that you’ve made your solution open source.

Keep it up!



Tinkercad file (public):


Hi John,

Great stuff! How are you running the wires in this revision for those who want to make one themselves?

You can print the entire bloc oftwo rows of 15 pins, or smaller blocs for just the pins you intend to use:

Thread the stripped wire thru one thru-hole, bend it over & insert thru the other thru-hole:

Press down with something hard to square off the wire as best you can:

Set the wire into the PLA with a hot iron so that it is held in place:

Trim ends:

Test for a tight pin to wire connection; good idea to insert a jumper into each thru-hole before setting with the iron–that will ensure the jumper can be inserted:

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Hey John,

Nice revision, and a great idea to sink the wire into the block with some heat. Always happy to see people using heat to process printed parts, I think its a heavily under-utilised method!

Cheers, Jaryd

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