Motion sensor software device list

Hi. I am working with a group of developers to create a motion sensor solution for a person with a disability. The solution will identify an arm motion action when the person needs assistance during the night and will send an SMS or call a dedicated phone number for the support worker to attend to him.

The list of hardware (and the links) I need to source is for the project is:

We would rather purchase from Australian businesses to support them and also for warranty and speed of delivery.
Can you please advise what products would be the equivalent of the above that Core Electronics stock?


Hi Jenni,

You’ve come to (almost entirely) the right place :slight_smile: Here are the closest we have at the moment:

  1. We currently only have limited stock of Pi bundles and kits due to the silicon shortage affecting Pi manufacturing, so take your pick of what we have in stock with regard to your RAM needs and the like:
    Model B Kits - Raspberry Pi Australia
  2. We don’t currently stock the OAK-D Pro, and I imagine it’s the crucial part of your project due to the night-vision and IR depth features. The closest we have is the regular OAK-D: Luxonis Oak-D DepthAI Hardware | Sparkfun SEN-17770 | Core Electronics Australia
  3. We have a 4G hat (GSM/2G no longer works in AU) for the Pi in our range, give it a look: SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT for Raspberry Pi, LTE CAT4 High Speed, 4G/3G/2G, GNSS, Global Band | Waveshare | Core Electronics Australia

Let me know what you think of the above, and if you have any follow-up questions :slight_smile:

Thanks so much James. I have sent your response off to the dev team - just waiting for their response.