Raspberry Pi 5 Model B 4GB (CE09785)

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The 4GB Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest powerhouse in the Raspberry Pi lineup. Ideal for advanced DIY projects, home automation, and high-performance computing tasks.

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Hi, Have all of the Raspberry Pi 5’s been sold already?

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Hi Alan,

It looks like the kits are still available, the single boards are sold out however. If you can place an order there ought to be one on the way!

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Thanks Liam.
I have ordered kit.
As usual service is great from Core Electronics.

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Received email saying the raspi 5 is available. Your shop is showing them but when I try to add to my basket it tells me they are not available ?? Very confusing.


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Welcome Ian,

One of the kits should still be available:

Hey Everyone,

The Pi 5 4GB board only stock sold out super fast this morning, though we still do have a couple of Barebones Kits available if you want to get your hands on the Pi 5!