Raspberry Pi 5 Model B 4GB (CE09785)

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The 4GB Raspberry Pi 5 is the latest powerhouse in the Raspberry Pi lineup. Ideal for advanced DIY projects, home automation, and high-performance computing tasks.

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Hi, Have all of the Raspberry Pi 5’s been sold already?

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Hi Alan,

It looks like the kits are still available, the single boards are sold out however. If you can place an order there ought to be one on the way!

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Thanks Liam.
I have ordered kit.
As usual service is great from Core Electronics.

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Received email saying the raspi 5 is available. Your shop is showing them but when I try to add to my basket it tells me they are not available ?? Very confusing.


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Welcome Ian,

One of the kits should still be available:

Hey Everyone,

The Pi 5 4GB board only stock sold out super fast this morning, though we still do have a couple of Barebones Kits available if you want to get your hands on the Pi 5!


Just received a 4GB Raspberry Pi 5 kit. It included 4 heatsinks. Three were in a plastic bag and matched the ones I was expecting based on the web page while a larger one came in a carboard sleeve with rubber feet for the case.
The carboard sleeve showed where to place the large heatsink, but is there any doco on where the other three should go?

Hi John,

Could you please share an image of the heatsink? It may be one that is placed over a few of the components.

(Sorry for the late response, my previous reply didn’t make it).
I’ve uploaded a photo of the unit with the heatsinks.
I installed the heatsink that came in the cardboard sleeve (which came with the red/white case) in the position shown in the picture on the sleeve. This is immediately above the “HDMI” on the board as shown in the picture. The other three came as a separate item in the order and are shown below the Pi in the picture.

There are a number of possible choices for the location:

  1. The silver box above the RPi logo on the top right
  2. Rectangular chip underneath the words “Raspberry Pi 5” (word hidden be reflection in picture)
  3. Square black chip with RPi logo on it (RP1-CO)
  4. Small black chip at 45 degrees to others near the RP1-CO
  5. Small black chip at bottom left near USB-C power connector.

It is possible that the large heatsink was intended for the same location as the one I already installed…


Hi John,

You’re absolutely right, its just a spare now.

Thanks Jack, if the large one is redundant, do you know where the two small ones were intended to go?

Just here

Thanks again. I’ll install them there