Motor Control and Battery pack

I am looking for an interface motor control to go with my Raspberry Pi 3 +. I will be using the following:

  • 1 x ST-PM35-15 Small stepper motor 400mA 12V or
  • 1 x Small Reduction Stepper Motor - 5VDC 32-Step 1/16 Gearing *
  • 1 x 10:1 Micro metal gear motor 1300RPM 3-9V (based on calc 1061 RPM)
  • whether or not the 5VDC motor can move an unknow weight at this point in time.

Now I am thinking Adafruit 16-Channel PWM / Servo HAT for Raspberry Pi - Mini Kit would be the best option however am open to suggestions. There will also be camera mounted to the Pi.

From there I would be grateful for help on figuring out the correct way to power the raspberry pi, which I am thinking an Adruino mega board with 12V and can I use this to charge the battery packs and what has worked for you in the past assuming the battery pack will be LIPO 12v pack?

Cheers for reading.

Hi Conrad,

Very interesting project, you’ll have to regulate the voltage and supply of power for your Pi. Here’s an instructable to get you started.

All the best with your project!

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Cheers Bryce! It should be great, and Pololu are awesome as they are kind of enough to supply there cad files, and thanks again, the learning resources have really been helpful. :slight_smile:

Ok, so I think I have a rough idea and thought I’d run it past you. This is a diagram of how I am understanding it at this point in time.

Hi Conrad,

Yes, that should do it. Just be sure that the circuit that is in series with each of the step-down regulators is suited for all of the components on it, and that there’s no way that excess current can be passed through the controllers or Pi. You may need to run two parallel circuits from the same battery to achieve this rig. If there’s anything else that I can do for you please let me know.

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