Raspberry Pi with 2 stepper motors


Apart from a Pi and wiring I’m just getting together a shopping list and these look good:

2x DRV8825 drivers (SKU: POLOLU-2982)
2x Stepper motors (SKU: POLOLU-1208)

Can you see any issue with this combo running from a Pi?

How could I power each motor? If you could make some suggestions that would be awesome. Ideally I’d like mains powered (since it could run for hours potentially) and cost effective for this single application.

Kepp up the great work!



Theres nothing wrong I can see with your setup. The drivers will definitely, 100%, fully, easily, no worries, in-their-sleep handle it.

If you expect to be running both motors full ball (since each phase is 500ma, two phases per motor), expect 2A for both motors and just add half an amp for the pi.

Get a 2.5A 10V power supply, and hook up a 5V 1A regulator for the pi. Then, route the 10V to the VMOT pins on the drivers. That should give the pi 5V, the motors 10V, and you the satisfaction of a mains powered system.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the info @Abram68481

I can have the Pi powered separately so something like this just to power the motors (total 2A) should be okay? https://core-electronics.com.au/12v-dc-2a-fixed-2-1mm-tip-appliance-plugpack.html

I’ll split and use appropriate wiring (min 1A rating)

As long as the voltage is right then yes, that should suffice. Just ensure there isn’t too much current being pulled from the pi for the drivers if you are using 5v.